Moments of Usefulness –

Does the word ‘usefulness’ stand on its own? Certainly no! Then how do we use it in reality? We associate it with different objects, surroundings, parameters, depths, weightages and many more. However if someone asks you to define usefulness, you will not sit back putting finger before your mouth; it is obvious to come up with an answer.

Let’s say when you consider an object to meet certain standard or specification, you refer the quality of the object to be its usefulness.Thus dictionary simplifies the noun defining it as the very ‘fact or quality of being useful’.

Concept of Usefulness in reference to ThisTime –

As the world stands tall with the concept of relativity, we compare almost every object with another, every event with the next one, every situation to a different situation and every aspect with a separate aspect.

Here comes the question, why do we choose an entity over the other or why an object gets preference when we are given the option to select from two or more than two. The reason is simple. You put weightage on the fact that the chosen object is useful compared to the rest. Even if you do not consider the relativity aspect, you can stick to a particular event by virtue of its own usefulness. Here you are reluctant to consider the other options as they do not serve the purpose at all.

Now it is obvious usefulness comes with certain obligations. There is a towering value of being useful. Similar objects, conditions or events race to achieve that particular position. When we say we like this thing or that situation for its usefulness, we judge them with respect to their tangible qualities. On the other hand, being useful can refer to something being too commonplace; it becomes a dead weight or gets too boring. However, most of time, usefulness, the word relishes the idea of positivity and superior existence.

How many ways you can use the word ‘usefulness’?

We use it in a number of ways and frankly speaking we can not really sum up the exact number. Here are a few instances to show skillfulness has turned into craze in today’s world.

Being useful can mean a legacy has been set by you to follow
Usefulness can mean the strong and tangible quality in you
Being useful can mean you can be banked upon
Being useful can mean others want to emulate you

“I like to imagine that the world is one big machine. You know, machines never have any extra parts. They have the exact number and type of parts they need. So I figure if the entire world is a big machine, I have to be here for some reason. And that means you have to be here for some reason, too.” – rightly said by Brian Selznick, the author and illustrator of The Invention of Hugo Cabret . Here lies true justification of being useful. We all are the tiny parts of the bigger machine ‘The world’. Our focus should be on undertaking some meaningful steps and that too within our short life spans. You and your usefulness are entrusted with certain responsibilities; these tiny efforts can go a long way building a better place for generations to come.

Prove the concept of Usefulness

And how can you prove your mettle to be useful to others? Your first kick in your mom’s womb can provide useful insights to the doctor. You draw a picture and who knows; your teacher might find it useful to describe a story in front of all your classmates. You can write a useful article which offers in depth information for your readers or you may capture a sudden moment with your mobile camera and it turns into a useful memory for your family members at a later date. Artists’ useful hands can bring life in non living objects.

No one can deny the usefulness of regular updates in modern technology and technological inventions. Reporters often flash useful information to alert you beforehand in situations of toil and troubles. When you pen down your experience of an unplanned journey to a new city, it becomes the useful resource for other travel enthusiasts as its preciseness comes handy to discover virgin corners of the world.

How ThisTime Capture Usefulness ?

Thistime’s usefulness remains deep rooted and we are here to capture useful moments, reincarnate useful thoughts, assemble useful information and synchronize useful views.Finally all these and much more under one roof; a perfect place to showcase true creativity and logical disposition. Your perseverance to produce magical materials can actually contribute as useful resources to others.

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