Diwali brings Happiness!
Bengalis take great pleasure worshipping The Goddess of Strength – Kali Ma. She looks different from other traditional Idols as this particular avatar of Ma herself originated from a sudden uneasiness faced by her while overlooking Lord Shiva in a hurry. This is definitely a mythological connotation; however we love to hear these stories again and again as they add different values to the typical outlook we have towards our lives.

Thistime I chose to tell the colourful days of my childhood associated with the celebration of Kali Puja, Diwali, Crackers and more!


Certain nostalgia never goes away with Time. We always relish Festivity and the Spirit of togetherness in every phase of our lives.

Take a moment to explore how I used to enjoy the auspicious occasion popularly known as Kali Puja and Diwali.

Remembering good old days is always a delightful experience. And if I try to recollect the memories of childhood days during Kali Puja, I can visualize the elders of our family worshipping Lakshmi Idol in the eve of Kali Puja Festival.

Now you might be thinking why it is a Lakshmi Puja at our home!

We came to know the people of West Bengal worships Lakshmi Ma instead of Kali on the very eve of Kali Puja where as the people came from east side of Bengal (previously known as East Bengal) does this Lakshmi Puja just after the Puja of Goddess Durga ends.

I do not know the mythological nitty gritty of it. I did not bother to understand it either.. πŸ™‚
For me, the real pleasure lies with how much I can enjoy going by this popular belief.

I was relatively calm as a child compared to others. So I used to wait patiently till the Lakshmi puja gets over. I used to observe every hook and nook of the Puja. From painting Chaukis (wooden structure where the idol sits) with various alpona to cutting a number of fruits, from decorating the entire Puja place with different marigold flowers to preparing supper for family members once the Puja ends.

Lights were all over the place. Be it the lights coming from regular sources or from the array of Diyas lit up to brighten the spirit of the occasion.

With blessings coming from all corners of the home, we used to eagerly wait for the last hymn of the Brahmin as it brings the Puja to its end. That means we are a few minutes away from lighting crackers!

Excitement builds up with Time!

Although we knew that we still have a couple of things to follow before we could jump onto lights and crackers, the essence of the very moment triggers much happiness.
It is the time to relish fruits and desserts! We used to take no time in eating all that were there for us in order to fill our stomach for the time being.

And the moment comes when we all run to our terrace with our own bunch of lights and crackers.
That time, in our family children were allowed to play with crackers like Phool Jhuri, Tubri, Chorki and Rang Mashal.

The Chocolate Bomb, Kali Potka and other risky crackers which create much noise and bring major explosion used to stay under the jurisdiction of our elders. They were only allowed to light them after the younger members exhaust all their crackers.

Much to our delight, we felt relentless while lighting firecrackers one after another. This is nothing short of a Lifetime Experience as the days won’t come back.


However memories last forever! So does mortal spirit.

Now I often regret for not capturing certain precious moments. No one to blame for as those days did not see children carrying Big Cameras. Now that we have so many options to click moments you do not need to run after a proper camera.

Medium end Smartphones offer quality cameras. So they are more than handy to use when you indulge in activities like lighting firecrackers.

It saves time and effort both. Plus it ensures you do not leave any precious moment behind. Diwali is such a coveted occasion to celebrate for.

Although Supreme Court banned firecrackers in New Delhi this year, the festivity and the spirit of enjoyment remain the same for people all over India.

A subtle understanding of Sound Pollution together with heart warming gracious thinking can bring A Diwali full of Happiness and Prosperity.

Thistime I would make sure to light up colourful candles and diyas on my balcony and terrace. And I will capture those bright moments to see in future. They will either continue to occupy a permanent space in my smartphone gallery or I will keep them posted on my Instagram account to receive immediate accolades.

If I want to make them Public instantly, Clicking them through ThisTime App, is certainly a wise choice to look for. Live Moments along with Live appreciations will push the merriment to a new height.
And they will remain with me forever and ever!