The concept of Green Environment

Green, the color predominantly signifies growth, renewal and rebirth. It is the color of nature and health. Therefore Green Environment is essentially a term referring to a particular type of environment consisting of goods, services, conditions and laws that inflict minimal or no harm upon ecosystems. Do we know what a Eco system stands for? It is a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment such as air, water and mineral soil.

These core non living objects interact with the living objects staying within a the biological system. These objects are interdependent and survive only at the cause of maintaining a perfect balance between them and how so? It seems like If you consider the case of Polar bears, they can only survive in an extremely cold conditions and eat seals while Camels survive in scorching hot weather of desert. Therefore if we interchange their surroundings, the situations will become fatal for both of them. In addition, Green environment ensures the well being of the entire ecosystem and its existence.

Essence of Green Environment in today’s life and future lives to come:

Environment is known for its fragile nature; thus we need to take a number of measures in order to keep it safe and secured from external threats. Modern technologies and its inventions potentially affected Green environment. Increasing air pollution has given birth to Global warming, over usage of chemicals and inorganic fertilizers is increasingly destroying ph balance of mineral soil and industrial wastes have already polluted clean water resources like never before. This becomes the growing concern for today’s society. So how do we overcome these severe threats ?

Environmental awareness

Environmental awareness is the easiest way to fight it out at the basic level. When you understand the mechanism of how things really work around us, you accrue specific knowledge about them. Therefore you can show enough confidence in handling them with care. Furthermore, environmentalists see it as our fundamental duty to respect, protect and preserve the natural world from human infiltration.

Group learning, inspirational seminars, environmental books and brochures are the handy props that can immensely contribute toward environmental awareness. Resurrecting our own thoughts from doing evil activities to the mother nature could well be the turning point. Popular slogans like ‘Go green’, ‘Let’s save our mother earth’, ‘Less pollution is the best solution’ ,’Recycling begins at home’, ‘Better environment better tomorrow’ etc. and many more.

These slogans have the power to create instant buzz among youths. What are you waiting for? Let’s step forward in the direction of ‘Blessed unrest’. It probably demonstrates the active you working as a savior for the betterment of your surroundings. Therefore this particular state of mind prompts people to take fast actions against further mutilation of the mother earth. In conclusion, It is high time to give it back whatever it takes to restore the natural balance and produce Green environment for one and all.

Tools and Techniques associated with Green Environment:

There are a number of threats that pose serious challenges against Green ecology. To name a few are oil drilling, deforestation, production of plastic goods, piling up unorganized waste etc. These can annihilate the entire ecosystems. So what are the possible solutions or greening mechanisms we can go for?

1. Task force implementation for Tree Management
2. Enhancing opportunity of Quality Greening
3. Spreading awareness for Green spaces
4. Constructing Green buildings
5. Power utility optimization
6. Effective usage of energy, water and other resources
7. Waste management
8. Development of Recycling centers
9. Air pollution management
10. Environment friendly alternative resource creation

Decision making is often risky as most of the decisions are based upon incomplete information. Therefore, insufficient information leads to a state of uncertainty which finally results into different potential outcomes.

Natural calamities are one of those outcomes. We can never be confident to protect the nature against those uncertain disasters. It may be that we can reduce the chance of destruction with revolutions in modern technology. Landscape planning and design , adequate space allocation for new plants, proper planting species selection and vegetation maintenance are main areas in
Tree management and Green environment creation

Therefore, organizations are coming up with various training programs to create environmental awareness. As a result, professional skills are helping the cause with utmost care and precision. In addition, engineers are encouraged to apply Smart Power Grid Management system in order to reach Green efficiency.

Finally, Green Buildings ensure improved air and water quality. Since they conserve and restore natural resources, reduce waste streams and protect biodiversity and ecosystems. Most noteworthy, these initiatives clearly depict drastic upliftment in terms of Environmental Maintenance. This time salutes this Green movement for a better life!

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