Q. Is ThisTime App’s Photo Contest available for the whole world?

It is only for India currently.


Q. What are the rules for ThisTime App’s Photo Contest?

There will be 3 months cycle for 2 app contests –

Top 100 User who will push 10 Download and 3 Content (Photo and Blog) for each download – will get Rs 250 Each. This scheme will be closed if the above criteria is fulfilled before 3 months.

For ThisTime Photo contest, prizes are –

1st Prize – Rs 5000/-
2nd Prize – Rs 3000/-
3rd Prize – Rs 2000/-
4th Prize – Rs 1000/-for 10 People

For each quarter, the app team will run these 2 photo contests.

The Content will be –

A> A picture from Mobile
B> A Title and Max 500 character micro blog
C> Tags / Themes

Starting Themes are –
A> Usefulness B> Clean Technology 3> Green Environment 4> Child Education

There will be feature in Mobile App to share content Private or Public. Only public contents are entitled for Photo Contest. One user can submit max 20 contents per quarter/ for each contest

A Content will be counted or discounted. 50% weightage on vote counts and 50% on the content (both Picture and Wording) will be considered as the Wining Criterion for the Photo Contest.

Q. Is there any helpful feature for People?

ThisTime App has a SOS feature. It helps members to set two specific phone numbers for emergency usage. It works even if the app is closed.

Q. Anything else?

Beta version of the App available now. The Contest will be started shortly. The exact starting date of the Photo Contest will be declared at our announcement page. So currently the above contest specific  rules are not applicable for app users.

Note : The above rules are subjected to be changed time to time. Once rules are set for one Contest Cycle, it will not be changed upto end of that contest.

For any other query, shoot us email at – info@thistime.in

Please read Terms & Conditions and Announcements for all the details.