Cleanliness in Technology –

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. It seems like we eat with it, drink with it, sleep with it and even dream with it. Due to this over dependency on technology and its products, the situation has posed a serious challenge in today’s world. As a result innumerable number of wastage produced by technological gadgets is a pathetic fact to argue against and the same prompts us to come to terms with modern technological advancement in order to maintain biological balance. There arise the question, how do we go about it?

Clean technology¬†is the first and foremost answer to this dire problem . Definition wise Clean technology or clean tech is a general term used to describe products and services that reduce waste and require a few non renewable resources. However, you can not really restrict the idea of Clean Technology with mere inventions in the field of modern technology rather its a whole new thought process or endeavor that matters. It is the impetus behind creating something more meaningful. Sir, Charles Darwin’s theory ‘Survival of the fittest’ rightly points out the need to balance and preserve environmental factors in order to stay alive in the competition and achieve significant growth towards betterment of human kind.

Why do we require Clean Technology?

Is it a fascination to run after Clean technology? Definitely a big no! We are in absolute need to rebuild our existence. Why? Global energy demand is on rise. IEA confirmed Global energy demand is going to get doubled by 2050. Furthermore, you can not put blame on the rising trend. It seems like we need to find out the reason behind such astronomical figure. Most noteworthy, increasing industrialization, emerging economies and growing populations are the main factors. Although only 15% of the world population resides in industrial nations, it accounts for half of the global energy consumption every year. Consequently, this rising demand serves an active component in climatic changes taking place every now and then.

Since no one can gauge the exact after effects of climatic changes, we are still at the receiving end. Therefor the fact remains that new energies must be affordable and we can achieve this with the help of Clean technologies. Probably the best solution is diversification of energy sources and converting them to renewable ones. Apart from this, organized batteries, commercial carbon, nuclear innovations, tree root protection, solution focused GPS, flyover country, better maps, nature’s tech and crowd sourcing are the other prominent paths that utilize Clean Technology concept.

The products, processes and services come under Clean Technology:

A waste free environment is probably the best solution to lead a healthy life. Business entities all over the world feel the thrust to implement Clean technology. Build up a better platform to live and let live. Furthermore, National Council for advanced manufacturing has already taken the initiative to encourage the development of Green Products in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency and other. Most noteworthy, a number of other companies are into sustainable manufacturing for sustainable product developments and network centric manufacturing for innovation and competitiveness.


1. Renewable energy
2. Biofuels
3. Carbon capture and storage
4. Green Buildings
5. Energy efficient lighting
6. Green IT
7. Combined Heat and Power
8. Clean Transport
9. Smart Meter
10. Smart Grid
11. Energy Storage

Process and Services

1. Recycling of products
2. Water treatment
3. Forest management
4. Air pollution management
5. E waste management
6. Green Transportation
7.. Usage of hydrogen as energy carrier
8. Bio Medical waste management

Clean Technology and the Current Scenario:

Clean technology is not only a bunch of innovative tools but also a fresh new way to see the World around you. It seems like people have been opting for indecisive routes to clean the world and re establish their existence. Clean Technology being there, human kind can be rest assured to live Green lives.

The global drive to adapt clean technology and its solutions is increasing day in and day out. ThisTime likes to stay positive; It supports the affirmative approaches undertaken by companies like Kestrel Design Group in tree root protection, World Wildlife Fund in protecting elephants, Ocean Solution’s FishNet project in fighting illegal fishing and pollution and Zoonuniverse project in helping scientist conducting climate and habitat research. We have already encountered setbacks while trying to implement Clean technologies. However,¬†the world is hopeful to make slow and steady progress in the time to come.

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