Kali Puja and Diwali 2017 – The Festival of Lights and Crackers!

Diwali brings Happiness!
Bengalis take great pleasure worshipping The Goddess of Strength – Kali Ma. She looks different from other traditional Idols as this particular avatar of Ma herself originated from a sudden uneasiness faced by her while overlooking Lord Shiva in a hurry. This is definitely a mythological connotation; however we love to hear these stories again and again as they add different values to the typical outlook we have towards our lives.

Thistime I chose to tell the colourful days of my childhood associated with the celebration of Kali Puja, Diwali, Crackers and more!


Certain nostalgia never goes away with Time. We always relish Festivity and the Spirit of togetherness in every phase of our lives.

Take a moment to explore how I used to enjoy the auspicious occasion popularly known as Kali Puja and Diwali.

Remembering good old days is always a delightful experience. And if I try to recollect the memories of childhood days during Kali Puja, I can visualize the elders of our family worshipping Lakshmi Idol in the eve of Kali Puja Festival.

Now you might be thinking why it is a Lakshmi Puja at our home!

We came to know the people of West Bengal worships Lakshmi Ma instead of Kali on the very eve of Kali Puja where as the people came from east side of Bengal (previously known as East Bengal) does this Lakshmi Puja just after the Puja of Goddess Durga ends.

I do not know the mythological nitty gritty of it. I did not bother to understand it either.. 🙂
For me, the real pleasure lies with how much I can enjoy going by this popular belief.

I was relatively calm as a child compared to others. So I used to wait patiently till the Lakshmi puja gets over. I used to observe every hook and nook of the Puja. From painting Chaukis (wooden structure where the idol sits) with various alpona to cutting a number of fruits, from decorating the entire Puja place with different marigold flowers to preparing supper for family members once the Puja ends.

Lights were all over the place. Be it the lights coming from regular sources or from the array of Diyas lit up to brighten the spirit of the occasion.

With blessings coming from all corners of the home, we used to eagerly wait for the last hymn of the Brahmin as it brings the Puja to its end. That means we are a few minutes away from lighting crackers!

Excitement builds up with Time!

Although we knew that we still have a couple of things to follow before we could jump onto lights and crackers, the essence of the very moment triggers much happiness.
It is the time to relish fruits and desserts! We used to take no time in eating all that were there for us in order to fill our stomach for the time being.

And the moment comes when we all run to our terrace with our own bunch of lights and crackers.
That time, in our family children were allowed to play with crackers like Phool Jhuri, Tubri, Chorki and Rang Mashal.

The Chocolate Bomb, Kali Potka and other risky crackers which create much noise and bring major explosion used to stay under the jurisdiction of our elders. They were only allowed to light them after the younger members exhaust all their crackers.

Much to our delight, we felt relentless while lighting firecrackers one after another. This is nothing short of a Lifetime Experience as the days won’t come back.


However memories last forever! So does mortal spirit.

Now I often regret for not capturing certain precious moments. No one to blame for as those days did not see children carrying Big Cameras. Now that we have so many options to click moments you do not need to run after a proper camera.

Medium end Smartphones offer quality cameras. So they are more than handy to use when you indulge in activities like lighting firecrackers.

It saves time and effort both. Plus it ensures you do not leave any precious moment behind. Diwali is such a coveted occasion to celebrate for.

Although Supreme Court banned firecrackers in New Delhi this year, the festivity and the spirit of enjoyment remain the same for people all over India.

A subtle understanding of Sound Pollution together with heart warming gracious thinking can bring A Diwali full of Happiness and Prosperity.

Thistime I would make sure to light up colourful candles and diyas on my balcony and terrace. And I will capture those bright moments to see in future. They will either continue to occupy a permanent space in my smartphone gallery or I will keep them posted on my Instagram account to receive immediate accolades.

If I want to make them Public instantly, Clicking them through ThisTime App, is certainly a wise choice to look for. Live Moments along with Live appreciations will push the merriment to a new height.
And they will remain with me forever and ever!



Moments of Usefulness –

Does the word ‘usefulness’ stand on its own? Certainly no! Then how do we use it in reality? We associate it with different objects, surroundings, parameters, depths, weightages and many more. However if someone asks you to define usefulness, you will not sit back putting finger before your mouth; it is obvious to come up with an answer.

Let’s say when you consider an object to meet certain standard or specification, you refer the quality of the object to be its usefulness.Thus dictionary simplifies the noun defining it as the very ‘fact or quality of being useful’.

Concept of Usefulness in reference to ThisTime –

As the world stands tall with the concept of relativity, we compare almost every object with another, every event with the next one, every situation to a different situation and every aspect with a separate aspect.

Here comes the question, why do we choose an entity over the other or why an object gets preference when we are given the option to select from two or more than two. The reason is simple. You put weightage on the fact that the chosen object is useful compared to the rest. Even if you do not consider the relativity aspect, you can stick to a particular event by virtue of its own usefulness. Here you are reluctant to consider the other options as they do not serve the purpose at all.

Now it is obvious usefulness comes with certain obligations. There is a towering value of being useful. Similar objects, conditions or events race to achieve that particular position. When we say we like this thing or that situation for its usefulness, we judge them with respect to their tangible qualities. On the other hand, being useful can refer to something being too commonplace; it becomes a dead weight or gets too boring. However, most of time, usefulness, the word relishes the idea of positivity and superior existence.

How many ways you can use the word ‘usefulness’?

We use it in a number of ways and frankly speaking we can not really sum up the exact number. Here are a few instances to show skillfulness has turned into craze in today’s world.

Being useful can mean a legacy has been set by you to follow
Usefulness can mean the strong and tangible quality in you
Being useful can mean you can be banked upon
Being useful can mean others want to emulate you

“I like to imagine that the world is one big machine. You know, machines never have any extra parts. They have the exact number and type of parts they need. So I figure if the entire world is a big machine, I have to be here for some reason. And that means you have to be here for some reason, too.” – rightly said by Brian Selznick, the author and illustrator of The Invention of Hugo Cabret . Here lies true justification of being useful. We all are the tiny parts of the bigger machine ‘The world’. Our focus should be on undertaking some meaningful steps and that too within our short life spans. You and your usefulness are entrusted with certain responsibilities; these tiny efforts can go a long way building a better place for generations to come.

Prove the concept of Usefulness

And how can you prove your mettle to be useful to others? Your first kick in your mom’s womb can provide useful insights to the doctor. You draw a picture and who knows; your teacher might find it useful to describe a story in front of all your classmates. You can write a useful article which offers in depth information for your readers or you may capture a sudden moment with your mobile camera and it turns into a useful memory for your family members at a later date. Artists’ useful hands can bring life in non living objects.

No one can deny the usefulness of regular updates in modern technology and technological inventions. Reporters often flash useful information to alert you beforehand in situations of toil and troubles. When you pen down your experience of an unplanned journey to a new city, it becomes the useful resource for other travel enthusiasts as its preciseness comes handy to discover virgin corners of the world.

How ThisTime Capture Usefulness ?

Thistime’s usefulness remains deep rooted and we are here to capture useful moments, reincarnate useful thoughts, assemble useful information and synchronize useful views.Finally all these and much more under one roof; a perfect place to showcase true creativity and logical disposition. Your perseverance to produce magical materials can actually contribute as useful resources to others.

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Clean Technology

Cleanliness in Technology –

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. It seems like we eat with it, drink with it, sleep with it and even dream with it. Due to this over dependency on technology and its products, the situation has posed a serious challenge in today’s world. As a result innumerable number of wastage produced by technological gadgets is a pathetic fact to argue against and the same prompts us to come to terms with modern technological advancement in order to maintain biological balance. There arise the question, how do we go about it?

Clean technology is the first and foremost answer to this dire problem . Definition wise Clean technology or clean tech is a general term used to describe products and services that reduce waste and require a few non renewable resources. However, you can not really restrict the idea of Clean Technology with mere inventions in the field of modern technology rather its a whole new thought process or endeavor that matters. It is the impetus behind creating something more meaningful. Sir, Charles Darwin’s theory ‘Survival of the fittest’ rightly points out the need to balance and preserve environmental factors in order to stay alive in the competition and achieve significant growth towards betterment of human kind.

Why do we require Clean Technology?

Is it a fascination to run after Clean technology? Definitely a big no! We are in absolute need to rebuild our existence. Why? Global energy demand is on rise. IEA confirmed Global energy demand is going to get doubled by 2050. Furthermore, you can not put blame on the rising trend. It seems like we need to find out the reason behind such astronomical figure. Most noteworthy, increasing industrialization, emerging economies and growing populations are the main factors. Although only 15% of the world population resides in industrial nations, it accounts for half of the global energy consumption every year. Consequently, this rising demand serves an active component in climatic changes taking place every now and then.

Since no one can gauge the exact after effects of climatic changes, we are still at the receiving end. Therefor the fact remains that new energies must be affordable and we can achieve this with the help of Clean technologies. Probably the best solution is diversification of energy sources and converting them to renewable ones. Apart from this, organized batteries, commercial carbon, nuclear innovations, tree root protection, solution focused GPS, flyover country, better maps, nature’s tech and crowd sourcing are the other prominent paths that utilize Clean Technology concept.

The products, processes and services come under Clean Technology:

A waste free environment is probably the best solution to lead a healthy life. Business entities all over the world feel the thrust to implement Clean technology. Build up a better platform to live and let live. Furthermore, National Council for advanced manufacturing has already taken the initiative to encourage the development of Green Products in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency and other. Most noteworthy, a number of other companies are into sustainable manufacturing for sustainable product developments and network centric manufacturing for innovation and competitiveness.


1. Renewable energy
2. Biofuels
3. Carbon capture and storage
4. Green Buildings
5. Energy efficient lighting
6. Green IT
7. Combined Heat and Power
8. Clean Transport
9. Smart Meter
10. Smart Grid
11. Energy Storage

Process and Services

1. Recycling of products
2. Water treatment
3. Forest management
4. Air pollution management
5. E waste management
6. Green Transportation
7.. Usage of hydrogen as energy carrier
8. Bio Medical waste management

Clean Technology and the Current Scenario:

Clean technology is not only a bunch of innovative tools but also a fresh new way to see the World around you. It seems like people have been opting for indecisive routes to clean the world and re establish their existence. Clean Technology being there, human kind can be rest assured to live Green lives.

The global drive to adapt clean technology and its solutions is increasing day in and day out. ThisTime likes to stay positive; It supports the affirmative approaches undertaken by companies like Kestrel Design Group in tree root protection, World Wildlife Fund in protecting elephants, Ocean Solution’s FishNet project in fighting illegal fishing and pollution and Zoonuniverse project in helping scientist conducting climate and habitat research. We have already encountered setbacks while trying to implement Clean technologies. However, the world is hopeful to make slow and steady progress in the time to come.

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Child Education

Child Education, the flagship program

What is Child Education? The special branch of education which handles the end to end learning process of children from their birth to the age of eight. Effective strategy building and creative implementation are the main keys for success in child education. Early childhood education is most beneficial for children ages 3, 4 and 5.

Tremendous brain growth during these years helps to lay the foundation for subsequent learning and development. Most noteworthy, we can not underestimate the importance of informal education while giving formal education to our children.

By informal education, we mean a spontaneous learning process. It helps a child learn beyond books and structural resources. Therefore, it may include education through conversation. Most of all ongoing experience matters.

Importance of Child Education in today’s age:

Child education is considered to be the fundamental right of children. Most noteworthy, it is the strong and fruitful base that shows the bright way ahead. Consequently, a child remains faithful to his or her education if he is guided properly.

We can not give enough emphasis on this special branch of education. Most noteworthy, it is not limited to today’s age. The need of child education has increased significantly due to growing complexities, one to one lifestyle and ferocious competitions. Therefore kindergarten education, preschool studies or even childhood school programs – all these are essential.

Let’s list down the facts:

  • The perfect time to inculcate family values is Childhood
  • Child education serves the purpose of building strong roots
  • It exfoliates fresh thoughts into children
  • It helps to build social skills among children for years to come
  • Special training programs to handle fierce competitions become redundant
  • This branch of education ensures fewer behavioral problems. It acts as a catalyst in removing crime tendencies in adolescent or in young adult years
  • A child gets stronger both physically and mentally if he/she is nurtured properly during childhood days
  • Of Course Academic achievement is greatly benefited from childhood learning

Therefore Childhood Education is a win – win situation not only for the kids but also for the entire nation . ‘There is an explosion of activity in the first five years of life, more profound than any future years’ says Rhian Evans Allvin. He is the executive director of National Association for Education of Young Children.

Formal and Informal Child Education:

Formal education is nothing but classroom based Education provided by trained personnel. Informal education happens outside structural boundaries. Formal education results into academic brilliance while informal education contributes in character building.

Back in the late 1960’s ‘World Educational Crisis’ gave birth to the need of formal education. After a while it seemed like educational growth and economic growth were not necessarily in step with each other. As a result of it, educational inputs failed to create enough jobs.

Therefore the conclusion was that formal educational systems had adapted too slowly to the socio – economic changes. It seems like conservatism is overpowering formal education. Conservatism restricts informal ideas.

Formal and Informal Education – these two forms are complementary to each other

Formal education and Informal education both goes hand in hand. So they  create the perfect balance within society. Child education gives special emphasis on informal educational system. Without fail, we admit a child imbibes informal activities much faster. Due to this child education is considered as the best natural process to educate kids.

Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Cousins, friends and others. Any one and every one can play the role of a teacher in Informal Education. They do not have to be trained because most of the times, they follow indirect and natural approaches to teach.

A child see, observe and engulf behavioral patterns on their own. Most of the times, they observe people around them silently. Sometimes kids come up with queries and clarify them from the elder members. These queries are nothing but an array of non organized thoughts or incidents. It seems like they leave permanent impact on fresh minds.

The picture of Child Education In India:

Wisdom comes from education. Children are considered to be the forebears of nationwide educational and economical growths. Therefore, keeping in mind the current scenario, how do we draw the picture of Child Education here in India? How does a country like India provide sufficient educational materials to its children?It is because here in India, 1/3 rd of the mass can not be fed properly

The basic challenge remains in collecting public funds to the betterment of primary educational systems. Furthermore, informal education promises to be of better benefit for underprivileged children in India. The Government of India approved the ECCE, National Early Childhood Care and Education Policy in 2013. This policy aims to generate evidences from different parts of India. In addition, it explores the ways for pre school studies and their impacts.

Child Education and its future:

Apart from Government of India, many Non Government Organizations have come forward and undertaken several initiatives to improve child educational platforms. Movable learning centers, Parent counselling, Awareness campaigns are the prominent moves.

Most of all we require mandatory education for all girls. Save every child and give them their basic education. These are major positives. Still there is consistent urge to give basic education among the children in India. This time’s initiative thus come at the right cause; it supports Child Education in every possible way.

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Green Environment

The concept of Green Environment

Green, the color predominantly signifies growth, renewal and rebirth. It is the color of nature and health. Therefore Green Environment is essentially a term referring to a particular type of environment consisting of goods, services, conditions and laws that inflict minimal or no harm upon ecosystems. Do we know what a Eco system stands for? It is a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment such as air, water and mineral soil.

These core non living objects interact with the living objects staying within a the biological system. These objects are interdependent and survive only at the cause of maintaining a perfect balance between them and how so? It seems like If you consider the case of Polar bears, they can only survive in an extremely cold conditions and eat seals while Camels survive in scorching hot weather of desert. Therefore if we interchange their surroundings, the situations will become fatal for both of them. In addition, Green environment ensures the well being of the entire ecosystem and its existence.

Essence of Green Environment in today’s life and future lives to come:

Environment is known for its fragile nature; thus we need to take a number of measures in order to keep it safe and secured from external threats. Modern technologies and its inventions potentially affected Green environment. Increasing air pollution has given birth to Global warming, over usage of chemicals and inorganic fertilizers is increasingly destroying ph balance of mineral soil and industrial wastes have already polluted clean water resources like never before. This becomes the growing concern for today’s society. So how do we overcome these severe threats ?

Environmental awareness

Environmental awareness is the easiest way to fight it out at the basic level. When you understand the mechanism of how things really work around us, you accrue specific knowledge about them. Therefore you can show enough confidence in handling them with care. Furthermore, environmentalists see it as our fundamental duty to respect, protect and preserve the natural world from human infiltration.

Group learning, inspirational seminars, environmental books and brochures are the handy props that can immensely contribute toward environmental awareness. Resurrecting our own thoughts from doing evil activities to the mother nature could well be the turning point. Popular slogans like ‘Go green’, ‘Let’s save our mother earth’, ‘Less pollution is the best solution’ ,’Recycling begins at home’, ‘Better environment better tomorrow’ etc. and many more.

These slogans have the power to create instant buzz among youths. What are you waiting for? Let’s step forward in the direction of ‘Blessed unrest’. It probably demonstrates the active you working as a savior for the betterment of your surroundings. Therefore this particular state of mind prompts people to take fast actions against further mutilation of the mother earth. In conclusion, It is high time to give it back whatever it takes to restore the natural balance and produce Green environment for one and all.

Tools and Techniques associated with Green Environment:

There are a number of threats that pose serious challenges against Green ecology. To name a few are oil drilling, deforestation, production of plastic goods, piling up unorganized waste etc. These can annihilate the entire ecosystems. So what are the possible solutions or greening mechanisms we can go for?

1. Task force implementation for Tree Management
2. Enhancing opportunity of Quality Greening
3. Spreading awareness for Green spaces
4. Constructing Green buildings
5. Power utility optimization
6. Effective usage of energy, water and other resources
7. Waste management
8. Development of Recycling centers
9. Air pollution management
10. Environment friendly alternative resource creation

Decision making is often risky as most of the decisions are based upon incomplete information. Therefore, insufficient information leads to a state of uncertainty which finally results into different potential outcomes.

Natural calamities are one of those outcomes. We can never be confident to protect the nature against those uncertain disasters. It may be that we can reduce the chance of destruction with revolutions in modern technology. Landscape planning and design , adequate space allocation for new plants, proper planting species selection and vegetation maintenance are main areas in
Tree management and Green environment creation

Therefore, organizations are coming up with various training programs to create environmental awareness. As a result, professional skills are helping the cause with utmost care and precision. In addition, engineers are encouraged to apply Smart Power Grid Management system in order to reach Green efficiency.

Finally, Green Buildings ensure improved air and water quality. Since they conserve and restore natural resources, reduce waste streams and protect biodiversity and ecosystems. Most noteworthy, these initiatives clearly depict drastic upliftment in terms of Environmental Maintenance. This time salutes this Green movement for a better life!

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