Diwali brings Happiness! Bengalis take great pleasure worshipping The Goddess of Strength – Kali Ma. She looks different from other traditional Idols as this particular avatar of Ma herself originated from a sudden uneasiness faced by her while overlooking Lord Shiva in a hurry. This is definit[.....Read More]

Moments of Usefulness -

Does the word 'usefulness' stand on its own? Certainly no! Then how do we use it in reality? We associate it with different objects, surroundings, parameters, depths, weightages and many more. However if someone asks you to define usefulness, you will not sit back p[.....Read More]

Cleanliness in Technology -

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. It seems like we eat with it, drink with it, sleep with it and even dream with it. Due to this over dependency on technology and its products, the situation has posed a serious challenge in today's world. As a[.....Read More]

Child Education, the flagship program

What is Child Education? The special branch of education which handles the end to end learning process of children from their birth to the age of eight. Effective strategy building and creative implementation are the main keys for success in child educ[.....Read More]

The concept of Green Environment

Green, the color predominantly signifies growth, renewal and rebirth. It is the color of nature and health. Therefore Green Environment is essentially a term referring to a particular type of environment consisting of goods, services, condi[.....Read More]