Introducing ThisTime App

ThisTime is all about living in the moment. We don’t know what the future holds in store for us.We live in a World of uncertainties. We all tried to behold certain moments at some point of time or the other . Did we succeed? No! We can not turn mortals into immortals. There will always be a past for every present and a present for every future. So how do we manage to hold passing time? Simple, get them clicked with a camera. This is not the expensive digital camera you have kept safe in your cupboard for years. This time it is just your mobile camera and nothing else!

Mobile Photography App in Digital Era-

With the help of modern technologies, ThisTime App resizes clicked pictures to a standard format and creates an enjoyable view for all the members to see and appreciate. It means you do not have to push yourself for extras. Your basic android phone’s camera is well versed to accomplish the job for you. You are there to enjoy every moment and let others know what you are upto. Create meaningful moments based on predefined themes. ThisTime’s predefined themes do not limit your vision; instead they open up various ways for you to capture instant and meaningful moments. These moments reflect how you see the world around you.

Mobile Photography with ThisTime App-

Time flies but memories last forever! True it is. Most beautiful moments always seem to slip away with time. We try to hold them fast but they are beyond our grasps. So how do we keep them secured in our hearts? You turn those cheerful moments into life long memories. Visual Memory is considered to be the strongest memory among all other form of memories. This realization prompted this Mobile based Photography App to create a separate platfrom for hosting memories in their visual forms.

Generally we like to perceive the world in our own terms. We say things that interest us. We like to do works the way we think they should be done. Exactly going by this way, the moments we capture are the true reflections of how we want to keep them with us in form of memories. When you use a few words to establish your idea, the communication becomes far stronger and to the point . This is where ThisTime takes delight. The basic need to voice your opinion through Visual communication is probably the core initiave of ThisTime App. It recognizes the value of passing moments and how they can be turned into Visual Memories to create positive impacts on our daily lives.

ThisTime App’s Photo Contest is different-

There could be nothing more rewarding than getting acknowledged for just following your dreams. ThisTime’s periodic Public Photo Contest gives you the freedom to showcase your love for photography. At the same time, you are getting enrolled for the ongoing contest. Here your only look out is clicking around the topics and jotting down a maximum five hundred character relevant description. Every uploaded photo gets thumbs up from existing members.

Thus you receive instant acknowledgment unlike your casual social media posts which go unnoticed. On the other hand, with the help of ThisTime’s Private Communication you are free to upload any moment of your choice and share it with your close group circle. Friends and families recieve quick view of the captured moments through social media sharing options present within ThisTime App. It is also equipped with SOS functionality to ensure sufficient help from people in case of any unusual event.

Meaningful journey with ThisTime App-

Time to gear up for everything you see around. A broken pipe line, a corner with unwanted litters, a not so healthy dining area or even a construction casualty that can turn into a major accident – all these go unnoticed though we were right there in front all the time. On the other hand if we as individual take any positive step and guide others to follow this step through a simple Visual communication, it Yields much faster result.

Predefined themes drive your thoughts in a positive direction. This Mobile Photography App provides this opportunity in an organized manner. Rich user experience, fast backend control and growing community have made the journey special so far for ThisTime users. We belive in making the world a better place to live in. ThisTime App is hopeful to bring light in current affairs as we enjoy clicking instant moments day in and day out.

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